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Sena SR10 Two-Way Radio Bluetooth Adapter

Sena SR10 Two-Way Radio Bluetooth Adapter

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The SR10 Bluetooth Adapter allows you use any of our headsets with your handheld radio onboard -- and communicate wirelessly between your handheld and your 2Talk or Sena headset.


How does it work?

The SR10 adapter allows you to add Bluetooth functionality to your handheld radio so that your handheld can now communicate with your headset wirelessly.  So, you can easily hear and talk via your wireless headset to the 2-way radio.  The SR10 Bluetooth adapter is worn on your belt, and the headset is on your head.  A short cable (sold separately) connects your handheld 2-way radio's Speaker/Mic/PTT port to the SR10 Adapter, and the headset is connected wirelessly via Bluetooth to your radio.   The SR10 Adapter has its own PTT button that is used to open the mic input to your radio.  It also includes a separate plug-in  PTT button on a curly-cord cable should you wish to have the button conveniently mounted elsewhere.  

Why would I need it?

1. Many times when you are out on deck, it is difficult to hear the handheld VHF marine radio down below, or even on your person, if there is ambient noise, or you are hard of hearing.  Now you can wear your headset as you move around the deck, yet still be able to hear and respond to radio calls as needed, without needing to retrieve your radio.

2. If you wish to extend the headset to headset distance, users can extend the range using small FRS, GMRS, Ham, or marine VHF radios, along with an SR10 Adapter for each user.

What is included?

The SR10 box includes:

  • The SR10 Adapter with integrated lithium ion rechargeable battery
  • Wired PTT button extension cable
  • Belt Clip
  • Handlebar/binnacle tubing mount
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack Cable
  • USB charging cable (USB to Micro USB)
  • Cigarette lighter charging cable

What other cable do I need?

We carry cables for most typical FRS/GMRS and Ham radios, as well as many marine VHF radios.  Let us know which brand you have, and the jack configuration, before ordering to be sure a cable for your radio is available.  We specialize in cables for the floating and waterproof VHF radios from Standard-Horizon (because the jack port is waterproof and sealed).

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