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$ 45.00 USD

Single-tube Fluorescent Fixture

If you’re not up to retro-fitting your existing florescent fixtures to convert to LEDs, you can now replace the entire fixture at a very attractive price.

This low-profile fluorescent fixture replacement comes with our 12” 66 LED tube-light in either cool-white or warm-white LEDs. It is much brighter than the 8 watt fluorescent that it replaces yet uses about ½ the power.

This low-profile fixture has a clear lens and is smaller than our previous model and is made of heat resistant ABS. Electrical connection and mounting is easy and you’ll never need to worry about burnt-out ballasts and dimming fluorescents again because our LEDs will last 30,000 hrs! (all night, every night for 7 years)

Select either cool-white for maximum brightness (500 lumens) or warm-white for natural light (300 lumens). Like all of our LEDs, this fixture has Constant Current Circuitry, operates from 10-30Volts DC (either 12V or 24V systems) Constant Current and is not polarity sensitive.


• On/Off Rocker Switch
• Back Mounted wiring
• 4.5 watts (0.38 amps @ 12V)
• Size: 15 ¼” X 2 ½” X 1 ¼”

 12” 66 LED tube-light included

2 Year Warranty

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