$ 25.00 USD

Rigid Strip Cabinet Lights

These incredibly bright 12″ Rigid aluminum LED strip lights are great for engine rooms, under counters or overhangs, lazarettes, cove lighting, etc. NOTE: These are not the same as the dim ribbon-lights or cove strips you may have seen before at the big-box marine stores, but rather these are super-bright LED strips meant for task lighting.

Measuring 12″ long, these rigid LED strips have the newest 3014 LED chips, which are equally-spaced down the entire length of the tube, and have incredible efficacy of over 90 lumens per watt (up to 380 lumens total for the strip).

A state-of-the-art strip light at a great price. Significantly brighter than a typical fluorescent or other LED strips of this length, at an 85% energy savings!

Unlike other strip lights, each of our strips contains our Constant-Current chipset, allowing the LEDs strips to work on 12V or 24VDC, while providing maximum brightness and longevity. Because each strip has an on-board constant-current controller, you can add or subtract strips from a chain without affecting the resistance, and therefore current that the individual LEDs see.

Each strip comes with a white 2′ connection cable which contains the on-off switch in the middle. These rigid strip lights are wired to your boat or RV’s 12VDC or 24VDC power via our included power cord. The strip itself also has mini-USB male and female connectors on each end to allow you to connect up to three (3) 12″ strip lights end-to-end to a single power cord, creating daisy-chained lighting. Perfect for covering a long area.
The strip mounts with two (2) snap-in clips which are screw-mounted to the mounting surface (screws and clips included). Can also be mounted using industrial strength double-sticky tape or Velcro.

NOW AVAILABLE WITH AN OPTIONAL Flexible Mini-USB Extender, which allows you to make flexible connections between multiple strips for going around bends or corners, or allowing easy side-by-side connections without additional wiring.


  • 12"
  • 5W 
  • 380 lumens
  • 3/4" Wide x 5/16" Thick
  • Voltage: 10-30VDC
  • Color: Warm White

2 Year Warranty