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Bosun's Bag Wine Bottle Tote Bag - Blue
Bosun's Bottle Bag
$ 4.99 USD

Bosun's Bottle Bag

Heading to the liquor store on shore?  The Bosun's Bag bottle tote is the perfect companion for wine or liquor bottles.  Don't break the booze!

Compact and sturdy woven-nylon bag holds 4 large (1.5 liter) bottles safely and securely. 

This is not to be confused with the cheap non-woven grocery store bags, or bags which have sewn handles which terminate at the top of the bag.  This heavy duty wine tote is designed for the weight of 4 bottles.  It has thick nylon webbing handles, and the 4 straps of webbing continue down the bag and are all sewn all the way down to the bottom.  No broken straps or bottles here.  Cheers!

Individual partitions prevent breakage in transit and clattering while underway.

Attractive Navy Blue color

8” x 6” x 13” (+ straps)