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Regular wind scoop or hatch dorades can't catch all the wind that the Breeze Bandit can.
The breeze bandit wind scoop in omni-directional
Breeze Bandit Wind Scoop Boat Hatch Breeze Catcher
Breeze Bandit wind scoop comes in a handy drawstring bag for easy storage
$ 59.95 USD

Breeze Bandit Wind Scoop Boat Hatch Breeze Catcher

Cruising Solutions' Breeze Bandit is a unique breeze-catching wind scoop designed to catch the wind --regardless of the wind direction-- and redirect it down through your boat's hatch to cool your cabin on those sweltering summer nights.

The lightweight reinforced polyester fabric has a unique 4-chamber design, which catches the slightest breeze from any direction, and the low-level skirt then directs it down-the-hatch for your comfort.  Strong reinforcement webbing along the sides allow you to keep it taut, so it stays stable in even strong winds, without fluttering.

Most boat wind scoops are quite small and have extra rods or flexible bows to stay fixed in place. And they only work when the wind is coming from one direction, so they aren't very efficient if the breeze changes directions or when tied-up dockside.  The Breeze Bandit solves this problem.

The Breeze Bandit stands 6’ tall, so it has much more breeze-catching area compared with the other small boat vents or wind scoops.  It fits hatches up to 21″ X 21″ or 24″ x 18″ (larger hatches up to 24"x 24" possible by releasing the bight in the snap webbing - contact us for more info).  A storage pouch and mounting hardware for easy installation are included.  

So what happens if it rains?  Unlike other fiddly wind scoop contraptions, the Breeze Bandit is tethered, and secures from the inside, with snaps fastening the base to the headliner around the hatch perimeter.  When set up per the instructions, just quickly release the four snaps and close the hatch when you are caught by unexpected rain or squalls --The Breeze Bandit will still be secure via its attachment to the halyard and the deck, and it will just blow in the wind until you re-attach it.  Try that with another type of wind scoop!

The fabric color is now navy blue, with a navy blue skirt to avoid staining from dirty decks --thanks to customer's feedback. 

Order 2 Breeze Bandits and automatically receive free shipping!  They make great gifts for your sailing friends.

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