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NEW - 2Talk Intercom Communication Headsets for Boaters (Pair)
NEW - 2Talk Intercom Communication Headsets for Boaters (Pair)
NEW - 2Talk Intercom Communication Headsets for Boaters (Pair)
NEW - 2Talk Intercom Communication Headsets for Boaters (Pair)
NEW - 2Talk Intercom Communication Headsets for Boaters (Pair)
$ 299.95 USD

$ 319.00 USD

NEW - 2Talk Intercom Communication Headsets for Boaters (Pair)

After being SOLD OUT for months, we now expect to be able to begin shipping product sometime during the week of Dec 6th. 

NOTE: The My Team Talks 2Talk headsets are priced as a pair (2 headsets and a storage case). 

Stop Shouting! 

Our "Marriage Saver" hands-free Intercom Headsets are now improved for 2021.  If you are tired of hand-signals and shouting when docking or mooring, then these 2Talk hands-free headset intercoms are the solution. 

We have added a longer boom microphone, made the headset fully water-resistant, and packaged them as a pair, with a sturdy EVA foam and nylon hard storage case.  They arrive ready to be used by cruising couples, or for any activities where instant hands-free headset-to-headset communication is important.

The 2Talk headsets are simple to deploy, totally secure on your head, and allow instant hands-free communication without shouting.  They also easily connect via Bluetooth to any Bluetooth enabled devices, including smartphones, audio players, Siri, Alexa, 2-way radios, etc.  

While the 2Talk headsets leverage the digital properties of the Bluetooth protocol, this is no ordinary Bluetooth.  In addition to pairing with standard Bluetooth devices, the unique Qualcomm low-energy transceiver and special signal-processing software give the 2Talks a headset-to-headset intercom communication range of up to 900 yards (in open terrain).

Unlike other communication solutions for boaters, the 2Talk headsets have no dangling wires, no push-to-talk buttons, clip-on belt packs, or base-station repeaters; and the conversations are totally hands-free, digital, and full-duplex.   With their behind the neck design and dual stereo earpiece speakers (one for each ear), they are much more secure, and just work better than over-the-head single earpiece type designs.  No problem wearing your hat, eyeglasses, or having a head of big bushy hair with the 2Talks.  They will still fit fine.  Their Bluetooth digital protocol and communication standby mode not only beats all other headsets with talk time, but they can communicate with any other Bluetooth audio device.   Need to call the marina hands-free using Siri on your way into the dock (with the cell phone unreachable down below)? No problemo with the 2Talk.  It is even possible pair with certain handheld 2-way radios using an optional Bluetooth adapter.

Up to 4 2Talk headsets (total) can be paired together as a group.  To purchase an additional single headset (for a group of 3), please contact us.  For a group of 4, just purchase 2 kits. 

  • Full Duplex Communication
  • 10-Hour continuous talk time on a full 1.5 hour charge
  • Standby mode - Save precious power when not actively speaking
  • 900 yard range (in open terrain)
  • Priced as a pair with zippered storage case 
  • Foam mic cover, spare earpiece covers, and USB charging cable included
  • Simple 3-button waterproof interface 
  • Advanced Noise Control (limits wind and background noises)
  • Water-resistant (not submersible)
  • Up to 4 headsets can communicate together as a group. 


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