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$ 4.95 USD

Sena SPH10 Replacement Foam Earpiece Covers

One package contains 2 replacement earpiece covers for one headset (i.e. one for each ear).  If you have 2 headsets, then you will need to order two. 

These replacement foam covers replace original covers found on Sena on-the-ear headsets, including the Sena SPH10, Sena Expand, as well as the My Team Talks 2Talk models.  UV exposure, oils in the skin and sunscreen tend to breakdown the foam earpiece covers over time.  These replacements are a great solution.

We suggest that you first remove the thin plastic earpiece bezels.  These are the perforated earpieces to which the foam attaches and holds it in place.  This is done by rotating them slightly counter-clockwise until they loosen and then they will be free to remove.  The new foam may seem smaller and rounder than your old foam, but will easily stretch and conform around the earpieces.