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G4 Waterproof Micro Bulb

You won’t believe the output from this warm white LED bulb. This latest (and greatest) COB LED technology features chip-on-board diodes encapsulated in a special silicone making it completely waterproof and producing light that looks just like a halogen bulb without the heat or power consumption. It fits almost anywhere a that a halogen G4 type bulb fits – ceiling downlights or reading lights, indoor or outdoors!

The big advantage of the COB technology is it allows a super-bright and large LED emitter surface area, which gives a fantastic color and much less dazzling look than traditional LED arrays, with output just like a halogen.  Prepare to be amazed!


  • 1.5 Watt (0.12A @ 12VDC)
  • 12-14.4VDC voltage input range
  • 190 Lumens
  • Warm White Color 2900K
  • Waterproof

2 Year Warranty

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