Visual Distress Signal
Visual Distress Signal
$ 99.95 USD

Visual Distress Signal

We all know flares are dangerous, environmentally toxic, and have expiration dates. But, in order for your boat to be USCG legal, you must have emergency signaling devices on board AND if you choose to use flares, those flares MUST be current. Don’t get caught with expired flares again.
There is finally a suitable, safe, environmentally friendly and LEGAL LED replacement for handheld and pyrotechnic flares. The Sirius LED Flare.
This is a high-output CREE LED-based night visual distress beacon, which when coupled with a daytime distress flag (included) meets the USCG and 46CFR 161.013 requirement for US recreational vessels.
Pyrotechnic flares are dangerous and toxic, while laser flares are not approved. Choose the safe, highly visible, and US Coast Guard approved Sirius LED flare.


  • Microprocessor controlled LED S-O-S sequence with CREE HIGH Output LED
  • Omni-directional output with vertical beam visible to aircraft overhead.
  • Greater than 10 mile visibility
  • Last for hours compared to minutes (or seconds) for traditional flares
  • Battery Operated
  • Buoyant and waterproof – it floats upright!
  • Can be hand held, tethered, hoisted aloft, or thrown overboard in MOB situations
  • Designed, engineered and patented in the USA