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Digital Yachts

4GXtream - Digital Yacht

4GXtream - Digital Yacht

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4GXtream is a premium LTE internet solution for boats, featuring NMEA 2000 interface and dual external antennas for reliable connectivity. It supports multiple connections, dual SIM slots (with auto failover), built-in GPS for IOT and tracking, and an NMEA 2000 interface for navigation and instrument data connectivity. The system is equipped with a dual-band WiFi router and Bluetooth for future applications.

This product is ideal for large yachts, workboats, and commercial ships, offering low-cost coastal internet and in-port connectivity. It can also connect to external high-power WiFi devices, such as the WL510, through its WAN port, allowing users to switch from WiFi to LTE.

For a complete guide on 4GXtream, click here.


  • Cat 6 LTE MIMO technology with range up to 25NM offshore (network dependent).
  • Dual SIM slots with auto failover or manual selection.
  • Dual external, high-gain antennas.
  • Dual-band WiFi router (2.4 & 5 GHz) with independent configuration.
  • Built-in NMEA 2000 interface for transmitting navigation data over wireless networks.
  • Built-in GPS with external patch antenna.
  • Bluetooth interface for future applications.
  • 3 LAN ports and 1 WAN port for additional internet connectivity.
  • Digital input/output connectivity for IOT applications (Available Q3 2021).
  • SMS addressable.
Power 9-30V DC (<5W), Operating Temp: -40 to +75 C, Main unit: 180 x 125 x 55mm, Weight: 8.4lb, Protection: IPX4.
4G/LTE Cat 6 LTE with speeds up to 300 MB/s, supporting multiple LTE and UMTS bands, with dual MIMO antennas and dual-band WiFi (2.4 & 5 GHz).
Interfaces 3 LAN ports, 1 WAN port, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n/ac.

How about 5G? 5G is designed for short-range, high-speed communications in urban areas and isn't ideal for maritime use. However, 5G will improve 4G infrastructure through backhaul. 4GXtream supports additional internet sources through its WAN port.

Can I view my NMEA 2000 navigation data remotely? Yes, via VPN or MQTT. The internal NMEA 2000 interface streams GPS, AIS, and instrument data across the WiFi network to connected apps. It also supports text message polling of GPS data and alerts through its internal GPS function.

Where should the external antennas be mounted? Mount them at least 2ft apart for optimal performance. Standard cables (LMR200) are 23ft in length. Consider cable runs when choosing a location. Optional 33ft and 66ft assemblies are available for longer runs.

Can I use the internal WiFi network to connect to shore-side WiFi? While possible, it's not recommended. For long-range WiFi access, use the WL510 connected to the WAN port for reliable performance.

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