The perfect Holiday Gift🎁❄️ for the sailor in your life☃️🎄
$ 232.00 USD

Mantus Dinghy Anchor

Kayaks and Dinghies require a small, light anchor that sets reliably in a variety of bottom soil conditions, and none of the currently available small anchors offer this level of performance.
The 2 lbs Mantus Dinghy Anchor brings superb setting ability in all bottom types and outperforms its competitors, even of much larger size. Designed to be used as  kayak anchor or a dinghy anchor, this anchor weighs only 2 lbs and is recommended for boat 0 – 16 feet.

The anchor is available with 2 options –

Stainless Steel Dinghy Anchor Kit – $232

  • Collapsible 316 stainless steel anchor
  • 5/16 Double braid line – 50 feet, with a stainless steel thimble
  • 1/4 Stainless steel shackle
  • Nose cover
  • Storage bag
  • Stainless Steel Version​ is collapsible. (The shank easily slides into the fluke and needs only a single pin to lock)