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"Expand" Bluetooth Headsets (Sena)
"Expand" Bluetooth Headsets (Sena)
"Expand" Bluetooth Headsets (Sena)
$ 152.95 USD

"Expand" Bluetooth Headsets (Sena)

Please note that units are sold individually. (Two required for a pair)

This water resistant Bluetooth® headset was designed to give you crystal-clear sound quality in any situation - sailing, cycling, rowing, wind surfing, any adventure you choose.


  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Completely wireless
  • Working distance 900 m/980 yards
  • 4 way Intercom
  • Voice prompts
  • Bluetooth stereo music
  • Playback control
  • Music sharing
  • Advanced noise control
  • Firmware update-able
  • Water resistant
  • 10 hours talk time, 7 days standby
  • Rechargeable Lithium battery
  • 2 Year Warranty

SPH10-10 Vs Expand

So, you might ask; "If the SPH10-10 is the state-of-the-art headset, why are we introducing the EXPAND?"

The answer lies not in the technology within each model but in the design and functionality of each. They are essentially the same Bluetooth 3.0 chipset and operate very similarly, but the headband and ear-pieces are slightly different as are the controls. There are pros and cons to each and they CAN be operated together. Here are the differences:

Headband: The Expand has a slightly more robust band which should be more resistant to breakage if handled roughly.

Ear-pieces: The Expand is slightly smaller and slimmer with fewer "openings" making it less prone to water intrusion. The MP3 jack and Phone Button have been eliminated and the Jog Button replaced with a waterproof recessed button. Raised volume Up and Down button have been added. The "plug-in" boom mic on the SPH10-10 has been replaced with a fixed "cheek-mic" which may also be less prone to water intrusion and seems to work as well as the larger Boom-mic on the SPH10-10. 

Controls: the pairing and connecting procedures are essentially the same for both headsets but using the "+" button on the Expand rather than the "Phone" button on the SPH10-10.

The Expand comes with a foam muff cover, spare foam ear-covers and a USB charging cable while the SPH10-10 also includes rubber ear piece covers and a short "bud-mic". The other difference is the price which is slightly lower for the EXPAND. 

Pros & Cons

The SPH10-10 is well recognized and very well liked in our existing yacht market, the controls are large and easily differentiated even with gloves. The boom mic is right on the lips for maximum clarity even in a strong breeze and the bud-mic can be substituted for more protected applications.

The Expand is more rugged, more water resistant and the recessed jog button less likely to be activated or deactivated accidentally. It is well suited to expanded markets where the wearers may get splashed  more frequently such as kayakers, paddle-boarders, cyclists and jet-skiers. While neither headset currently has submersible certification; the EXPAND has better water "resistance" and is less expensive. 

Ultimately the choice is somewhat subjective but rest assured that both represent un-matched performance and value in the personal communications market.

Tufftalk and Tufftalk Lite Vs Expand or SPH10

The new Tufftalk and Tufftalk Lite are clearly different from our existing products, SPH10 and Expand. They are designed more for industrial applications including serious noise reduction ear muffs (21 decibels) and "hard-hat" models. They also utilize Bluetooth 4.1 which has "mesh" technology to simplify group intercom and have built-in FM stereo. 

Operation of the Tufftalk Lite is very similar to the Expand with the use of a center button with a "+" and "-" button on either side. The Tufftalk controls are more like the SPH10 with a large "jog" button and separate phone button.  They can both be paired with either SPH10 or Expand using the Bluetooth 3.0 technology and function within a group. Both Tufftalk models have a "group intercom" function whereby all paired members can be accessed by pushing the "group" button on Tufftalk and the + and - buttons together on the Lite model. This can be handy for group training or when setting up a conference takes too long with Bluetooth 3.0 models. One other advantage of this "mesh" technology is that signal strength is not diminished with added members (range is reduced by 1/2 when a 3rd or 4th member joins a SPH10 or Expand conference).

Ambient noise is reduced by 21 decibels on Tufftalk models but you can still hear someone speaking directly to you. If you want to hear or even amplify ambient sound, you can do that with the Tufftalk model. The only other real advantage of the full Tufftalk model is that it can use regular batteries if you exceed 10 hours of talking in one day and they have an external antenna for greater range (Tufftalk Lite is only rated for 800 meters). 

Both Tufftalk models are "over-the-top" head sets but also come as a "hard-hat" model for road crews, fire fighters or factory crane operators. Either design is extremely comfortable and secure thanks to adjustable, heavily padded earpieces. 

Tufftalk adds an extra dimension to our Sena line-up for dozens of new applications and users and pricing is very competitive for these state-of-the art personal communication devices. Please call me at 1-800-460-7451 with any questions or for more information.