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Sena 2-Way Radio Adapter for Icom - Used with Sena SR10 Bluetooth Adapter | sena-2-way-radio-adapter-for-icom-used-with-sena-sr10-bluetooth-adapter | Cruising Solutions | communication
$ 19.95 USD

Sena 2-Way Radio Adapter for Icom - Used with Sena SR10 Bluetooth Adapter

This SC-A0113 cable is one of the accessories needed (along with the SR10 Bluetooth Adapter) to allow a wireless Bluetooth connection between your Sena or 2Talk headset and your Icom handheld 2-way radio.   This cable is specific to Icom handheld radios that have a single pin receptacle (3.5mm and 2.5mm) mic/speaker jacks.  These are the jacks normally used for connecting a handheld shoulder mic/speaker, etc.  It is not compatible with Icom radios that have a waterproof multi-pin screw-on connector.  See chart below for specific model fitment, or if in doubt, check your radio for compatibility before ordering. 

The SR10 Bluetooth Adapter, available here, gives your 2-way radio Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to have a wireless connection between your radio and the Sena or 2Talk Bluetooth headset.  The cable listed here connects between the SR10 and your radio's speaker/mic/PTT port.  The SR10 then broadcasts the radio's sound to your headset, and allows the use of the mic on the headset to talk on the radio.  NOTE: There is  a PTT (push-to-talk) button on the SR10, which must be pushed to open the mic.  The SR10 also has a wired curly-cord PTT button for mounting to handlebars, etc.