SkyMate Satellite Communication
SkyMate Satellite Communication
$ 1,599.00 USD

SkyMate Satellite Communication

When you’re heading offshore, you want to keep in touch with home and business. When you’re underway, you want your crew and vessel to stay safe. And when you leave your vessel, you want be sure you’ll find it the way you left it. SkyMate’s suite of information services can help you do all this, and more, no matter where you go, and very affordably, too.

Whether you’re cruising the coastline or crossing the equator, SkyMate enhances your boating experience and gives you The Power to Explore. That is SkyMate’s slogan and we found it to be all that they claim and the answer to our communication requirements. It is affordable, easy to install, accurate, user friendly and secure.

Send And Receive Email

Send and receive email using your SkyMate email address or pulling messages from your email accounts on land.  SkyMate’s unique automated email system features an exclusive indicator light that alerts you when messages arrive, saving you time below decks as well as money on communication charges.

Stay Connected With Weblog

Share your voyage with friends and family with SkyMate’s weblog. Post messages right from your SkyMate software and each posting (free to every user), when viewed on land, can display your boat’s exact position and even the weather at posting time. Friends and loved ones can be notified via RSS each time you post a new message.

View Custom Weather Reports

Get real time forecasts with color NEXRAD radar images and 24 hour NOAA charts. Receive NOAA text forecasts and 5 day projections with important details such as wave height, wind speed, direction and buoy reports. SkyMate also offers tropical storm and hurricane forecasts for the Atlantic and Pacific.

Send Messages Via Fax Or Voice

SkyMate’s built-in text-to-speech and text-to-fax technology keeps you in touch with anyone at any phone number. This convenient feature lets you send urgent messages to those who may not be monitoring email.

Report Your Position

SkyMate can forward your exact latitude and longitude with every weblog & email entry you send. You can also send automatic position reports to any email address list at regularly scheduled intervals to let people track your voyage on easy to read, full colour maps.

To learn more about SkyMate and additonal features such as SentryMate, we encourage you to visit the SkyMate Web Site to get more information and to view their on-line demonstration.

SkyMate Systems

All SkyMate ISeries packages include a SkyMate communicator with Wi-Fi, power cable, Iridium/GPS antenna, 20 foot cable for antenna, Y cable with Ethernet, MSG waiting/SOS pad, installation guide, and user guide.

SkyMate I1000 — This communications package includes a SkyMate communicator with internal Wi-Fi, internal GPS, power cable, Y-Cable with Ethernet and 8 pin connector, SOS pad with message waiting light, monitoring mode button and 2 SOS push buttons, 20 foot antenna cable, Tallysman 3600 custom tuned combo antenna, installation guide, and user’s manual.

SkyMate I1000 SentryMate — The boat monitoring package. Available soon.