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$ 5.00 USD

Underwater Threadlocking Compound for Flexofold Props and Hardware

This underwater thread locking compound is a must for helping to prevent underwater hardware from loosening up due to shock and vibration.   It also works great as a traditional general-use thread locker for other mechanical bits at home or on the boat.

Loctite and other anaerobic thread locking compounds can't be used underwater, so the prop manufacturers typically specify that their hardware cannot be reused, forcing you to purchase new proprietary hardware with a pre-applied pressure-catalyzed locking compound.  This compound helps solve that issue.

This underwater thread locker is applied to your hardware above the water (on dry land).  Then, after a short drying period of just a few minutes, it can be submerged and installed underwater.   

This compound cures to a semi-solid acrylic layer between the threads, which dampens vibrations, and reduces the possibility of loosening.  Even better, the manufacturer claims it can be re-used or re-tightened, without another application, up to 5 times. 

We have two sizes now.  This item is a single-use 0.03 fl oz  pouch with enough material to assemble a typical prop.  It has a short working time of just a few minutes, so all hardware should be laid out in advance, and applied quickly to all the hardware.   For multiple uses choose our 0.16 fl oz tube.