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Universal Matrix 23 Power
Universal Matrix 23 Power
$ 18.00 USD

Universal Matrix 23 Power

This brilliant 23 LED array is designed to fit in 5” or 6” dome lights made by AAA, ABI, West Marine & Cabin among others. It comes with your choice of G4, Single or Double Contact 15mm Bayonet and Wedge bases which can be coupled to the array by a short “pig-tail”. When you choose which base you have, you only get that base, this product does not include all the bases in one package.

Peel & Stick foam strips are mounted on the back to hold the array in position & the board has a cut-away to accommodate the socket for a perfect fit. This LED will outperform your existing light at 1/8th the power.


• 10-30Volts DC Constant Current
• 2.7 watts (0.23amps @ 12V)
• 190 Lumens (comparable to 20w halogen)
• 120 degree beam angle
• 57mm x 57mm


2 Year Warranty