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Picture of woman wearing 2Talk Headset for boating. Perfect communication device for anchoring.
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$ 359.00 USD

$ 398.00 USD

Headset CommPack for Boaters - A Pair of Sena SPH10 Intercom Headsets


NOTE: This product has been updated with a more comfortable, less bulky and an improved water resistant headset that is called the 2Talk Bluetooth set. It is the same firmware and chip-set but offers a better fit.

The Sena SPH10 hands-free intercom headsets are packaged as a pair ready-to-use, right out of the box.  Perfect for cruising couples, and well known as the "Marriage Savers" for their amazing marital benefits when used on the boat.  No synching or pairing of the headsets is necessary.  Just slip them on your head and start communicating.

These rugged and comfortable wireless intercom headsets allow you to effortlessly communicate hands-free with full-duplex communication.  This means that there is no Push-To-Talk (PTT) button, because --unlike walkie talkies--you can talk and listen at the same time.  Perfect for situations like docking or mooring, where hand signals and shouting just don't get the job done, and lead to frustration and hard-feelings between the crew.  Make maneuvering a painless and near silent endeavor with these headsets.  After their first use, you won't believe that you somehow managed without them.

They come packaged in a handy EVA ballistic nylon grab-and-go hard storage case, which has secure storage for both headsets and the charging cables and accessories.

Bring state-of-the-art full-duplex communication technology to your boat. This is a serious system for crew coordination using proprietary long-range Bluetooth communication unmatched in today’s market.


  • Completely wireless (no cumbersome antenna or belt-pack)
  • Full duplex (up to 4-person team conferencing)
  • Full time (no voice activation delay or buttons to push)
  • Hands free (including voice-control cell phone operation)
  • Answer, dial, share or reject cell-phone conversations via Bluetooth
  • Rechargeable Lithium battery (10 hours talk-time, 7 days standby)
  • Digital transmissions (eliminate interference from other headsets)
  • Water resistant
  • Range up to 900 meters (line of sight-transmitting through bulkheads or metal surfaces will reduce effective range)
  • Comfortable, secure, attractive appearance
  • Easy programming and operation
  • Warranty - 2 Years

These "Marriage Savers" represent a quantum leap in technology with noise-cancelling receivers and full voice-controlled operation, perfect for on-board crew co-ordination or dozens of other applications like cycling, hiking, kayaking or canoeing for full multi-plex conferencing (up to 4 team members). There is no competitive product offering comparable value with all of these features.

Your headset pair will arrive ready to use, but here are some instructions that you may find useful.   You can ignore the pairing procedure, because we will per-pair the headsets for you (if buying a pair).


Thank you for your purchase of our new SPH10 headsets. Please take time to read the  SPH10 manual thoroughly as you'll find dozens of features beyond the obvious intercom and phone functions. For those of us who "just can't wait" to try them out though, we have put together this Quick Start sheet to get you started with a simple 2-person intercom, and then how to add a phone connection via Bluetooth.

Your headsets are packaged individually. Each one comes with 2 separate microphones. The longer "boom mike" should be used for most outdoor applications. Insert it into the left side earpiece port making sure it is oriented correctly (small arrows lined-up) and pushed in securely (to keep moisture out).
Next, you will need to fully charge each headset. Put the "L" shaped plug into the square socket on your right earpiece (noting the wide and narrow sides of the plug) Next, insert the USB plug into an outlet (computer, stereo, car outlet, AC or DC adapter). When you first plug it in, a RED LED will light up on the LEFT earpiece to let you know it is charging. After about 2 hours, the LED will turn BLUE indication that it is fully charged.  It is best to remove it from the charging source once it is fully charged.

You are now ready to try on your headset.
These headsets are designed to fit comfortably and securely so rather than have the band go over top of your head, it goes behind your neck. This provides a more "universal fit" and permits you to wear a hat or helmet or simply not mess up your hair. If you wear glasses, remove them first, put on your headset then replace your glasses. The band and small rubber clip fit between your ear and head while the foam earpiece should cover your ear.
There are just 2 simple controls which are located on the left ear-piece; the multi-function "JOG" button and the "Phone" button. The JOG button activates the intercom and controls volume. The PHONE button activates the Bluetooth phone connection. Pushing both buttons at the same time turns your headset ON and OFF.

So, let's get started!  This part will be easier with another person so you can activate or "PAIR" your headsets. Locate the JOG and PHONE buttons then put the headset on. Once comfortably in place, push and hold the JOG and PHONE buttons. You should hear THREE BEEPS followed by a voice saying "Hello". If you push and hold the 2 buttons together again; she'll say "Good-bye" and turn your headset OFF. If you continue to hold them both together when turning ON, she will say "Hello" then advise you of your Battery Condition. Once you have your headset on, you can adjust the volume by rotating the JOG button clock-wise for louder until you hear a loud BEEP, or counter-clockwise to you hear a soft BEEP.

We have chosen Bluetooth frequencies for the operation of these headsets because of the quality, incredible flexibility and universal communications opportunities that it provides. Your headsets can be paired with any other Bluetooth headset anywhere in the world and communicate without competing interference because of the unique "pairing" or Bluetooth appliances.

To "pair" with one other headset, after turning it ON, push and hold the JOG button FOR 5 seconds. You should hear a couple of soft BEEPS followed by a voice saying "Intercom pairing". Have your partner turn on their headset then push and hold their JOG button and hear "Intercom Pairing". The LEDS on both headsets will flash quickly RED. Give them a few seconds to find each other, then push the JOG button on ONE headset only. Wait a couple of seconds and you'll hear a mild "hiss" on both headsets. You are now connected and can have your full-duplex conversation. When either person decides to terminate the conversation, he has to push the JOG button briefly and both headsets will go into STAND-BY. Either person can initiate the next conversation by simply pushing the JOG button again which will put both headsets back in ACTIVE mode.
Note that when you are completely finished using your headsets, they should be turned OFF by pushing and holding the JOG and PHONE buttons together until the voice says "Good-bye" and LED light goes OFF.

Your new headsets can also be used to answer (or initiate) a phone call by "pairing" with your phone. To do this, push and hold the PHONE button until you hear "phone pairing". Then turn on your cell phone and go to Settings, then Bluetooth. Enter "Search for Devices" and when it displays "SENA SPH10" select that. It may take a few seconds but then your phone will display SENA SPH10 connected". You can now send and receive phone calls using your headset. Incoming calls will take priority over intercom conversations but you can either accept them by hitting the JOG or PHONE button or reject them by pushing and holding the JOG button for 2 seconds until you hear a BEEP.