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3 Blade Saildrive Closed
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3 Blade Saildrive Closed
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3 Blade Saildrive Zinc
$ 2,575.00 USD

Flexofold 3 Blade Saildrive

While all sizes of propellers are stocked items, and will be directly shipped to you from the factory upon completion of your order, we take extra care to select the right propeller for you based on your vessel-specific info. So, please let us know your details using the SPEC-O-PROP button below, and we'll guide you through the process of selecting the best prop for your vessel. We'll also prepare a quotation for any of the options that we propose.

Designed for Yanmar and Volvo sail drives, this prop optimizes motoring performance while minimizing drag under sail. It is virtually maintenance-free and highly resistant to fouling.  Reduces drag (under sail) on most catamarans from 70 lbs to under 5lbs, adding at least 1 knot of boat speed.

Superior acceleration to punch through chop and headwinds.  Better maneuvering and reverse when motoring than our 2-blade.  Motor at hull speed up to 200 RPMs lower than any other fixed, feathering or folding prop.  Uses your existing Saildrive anode plus our proprietary zinc to protect against electrolysis.  Is it any wonder Flexofold is the world’s best selling performance propeller?

What’s holding you back?


The best model for the sailor looking for powerful thrust in forward and reverse. The new blade design outperforms any fixed, feathering or other folding prop when motoring and has the lowest drag under sail. It will add 10% to your daily cruising range and improve your motoring efficiency.


For large engines and where there is a need for maximum thrust and least possible vibration. Blade stops are cushioned by strong poly-urethane.  A zinc anode covers the gears and provides protection.

FlexOFold Props are manufactured and direct shipped from Denmark by UPS.
Shipping time is generally 5 business days and may be subject to import duty/brokerage.

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