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Compact Cabin Heater
Compact Cabin Heater
Compact Cabin Heater
Compact Cabin Heater
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Compact Cabin Heater

Boating isn’t always sunshine and warm temperatures but there are still plenty of chilly days when you’ll still want to be out there. Now you can do so in comfort with a highly efficient, compact cabin heater that runs off the heat that your engine is making anyway!

SNOWBIRD CABIN HEATERS come in 2 sizes of either ducted or ductless heaters that can be installed easily without using up a lot of valuable cabin storage space. Our kits include everything you’ll probably need with a couple of options that can make hook-up even simpler. Only the size of a shoe box, yet it puts out 25,000 BTUs from it’s 3-speed fan!


Includes 3-speed control, a 36″ wiring harness and return-air grill
Connects to your existing 5/8″ engine coolant lines
Ductless model includes an attractive 7″x 10 3/4″grill
Duct model will require 2 expandable (up to 62″) louvered duct hoses.
The only other option you might need is a Plumbing Kit

Ductless Model 

2 Duct Model

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