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Flexofold 2 Blade Propeller - open blades picture close up
Flexofold 2 Blade Propeller gear shaft picture
Flexofold 2 Blade Propeller - open 2 shaft photot
Flexofold 2 Blade Propeller - shaft pads close up picture
Flexofold 2 Blade Propeller - shaftock picture
Flexofold 2 Blade Propeller folded close up picture
$ 1,646.40 USD

FlexOfold 2 Blade Propeller - Folding Propeller

While all sizes of propellers are stocked items, and will be directly shipped to you from the factory upon completion of your order, we take extra care to select the right propeller for you based on your vessel-specific info. So, please let us know your details using the SPEC-O-PROP button below, and we'll guide you through the process of selecting the best prop for your vessel. We'll also prepare a quotation for any of the options that we propose.

Low Drag - High Speed

A folding propeller cuts almost all drag from a fixed propeller, boosting sailing performance by 15%.

We stock all propeller sizes and ship directly from the factory. We take extra care to select the best propeller for your vessel. Please provide your information using the form below, and we'll guide you through the process of choosing the ideal propeller. You'll receive a custom quote based on your specifications.

*Prices start from the listed value and are based on your form submission: Click below:

Fill out your specifications for a QUOTE -- click next to see the form details, then click submit once completed. After receiving your submission, we'll email you a quote based on your specifications for a custom-sized propeller, designed for your boat, sailboat, or yacht. Generally, it takes 5 business days to ship to your door. *Some exceptions apply depending on location.*

Safety First

Folding propeller blades don't stick out while sailing, avoiding lobster traps, fishing lines, or debris, preventing loss of steering or accidents.

Maneuver the Docks Like You Would the Sea

With its hydrodynamic design, Flexofold propellers offer superior forward, stopping, and reversing power. In one test, a 63-foot Hanse went from 8 knots to a complete stop in just one boat length!

Less Noise - More Comfort

Fixed propellers can be noisy, but Flexofold propellers open quietly thanks to strong, built-in shock absorbers. Enjoy a peaceful sailing experience with Flexofold.

Get Your Money's Worth

Flexofold propellers have only a few moving parts, ensuring long durability without the need for messy greasing or rebuilding. The only maintenance is cleaning and replacing the anode. Spend your time sailing, not fixing, and enjoy the benefits for years to come.