The perfect Gift for the sailor in your life
A device that enables seamless communication between multiple headsets or two-way radios with just the push of a button, especially in scenarios where teamwork and coordination are essential.
Easily connect multiple headsets or two-way radios at the press of a button, ensuring clear and open communication whenever you need it most.
NAUTITALK N2R stands out with its durability and improved construction, providing a durable, long-lasting device. Moreover, its innovative design incorporates internal microphones that capture ambient noise, ensuring safety in high-traffic areas.
$ 699.00 USD


All on the same wavelength: The SENA NAUTITALK N2R is a reliable
communication headset specially designed for boating and yachting,
especially in situations with high ambient noise, combining hearing
protection and effective communication. With its over-the-head earmuffs
it offers a noise reduction rating of 28 dB.
The NAUTITALK N2R utilizes full-duplex technology, thereby enabling
hands-free communication, so boat crews can communicate effortlessly
and keep their hands free of distractions. Its microphone is
specially designed to filter wind-noises. The Mesh Intercom™ allows
for easy group communication in a distance up to 1.1 km (0.7 mi).
Between a minimum of six users, it can cover up to 4.4km (2.8mi)!
With just one click you can link multiple headsets – no pairing necessary.
The Mesh independently searches for the best way to keep members
connected and is self-healing – if a connection gets lost, this does
not affect the rest of the crew and the device reconnects automatically
as soon as possible. With Mesh, you can communicate with a nearlimitless
number of people all around you, on your boat, on other
vessels and on land. The NAUTITALK N2R is also able to connect to
two-way radios.
Mesh intercom uses the same 2.4 GHz frequency range as Wi-Fi and
Bluetooth®, so you enjoy the same audio quality. The NAUTITALK N2R
is worn on ear, designed to be comfortable with sunglasses.

What's in the Box

  • Microphone
  • Microphone Sponges
  • Rubber Rings for Microphone Sponge
  • USB Power & Data Cable (USB-C)
  • Dual Battery Charger
  • Rechargeable Battery

The N2R comes with a 2 Year Manufacturers Warranty

The N2R is sold individually, please order the number of units you require.