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Solo Tank Monitor
Solo Tank Monitor
Solo Tank Monitor
$ 154.95 USD

Solo Tank Monitor

Finally, a reliable holding tank monitor that doesn’t require an internal sensor to keep you informed BEFORE your tank runs over.

This easy to install, easy to operate monitor comes with an external sensor for plastic or fiberglass tanks but can also use an internal (clog-proof, non-contact) sensor for metal tanks or can use an existing 240-33 Ohm existing sensor. It will automatically notify you with a red “TANK FULL” alert LED when your tank is 85% full or you can check it any time by pushing the “READ” button.

Installation is easy using either the stick-on external sensor or the optional internal sensor shown here. The internal sensor can be cut to the desired length (tank depth) then sealed and inserted in metal tanks. Intended for water or waste tanks only.


  • Panel monitors liquid level on ONE tank
  • Panel size: 3.75” X 2”
  • Data is displayed as a 5 position LED graph
  • Easy to install, calibrate and operate
  • Uses only 0.001 Amps when powered on
  • Autonomous “FULL TANK” monitoring and alert light
  • Exclusive calibration software for irregular tank shapes
  • Compatible with external, internal or 240-33 Ohm Float Sensors