The perfect Holiday Gift🎁❄️ for the sailor in your life☃️🎄
$ 899.00 USD


Its like having a “Deck Ape” on-board BUT you don’t have to feed him.
WinchRite is an affordable, safe, cordless and easy-to-use electric winch handle designed for sailboats. It makes hauling up the main, trimming the jib or even loading the dinghy on deck manageable. Batteries recharge from either AC or DC plugs. And it only weighs 6.5 lbs so anyone can handle it.


  • Exterior housing: Composite of ABS and PC plastics resulting in superior durability and strength.
  • Integrated rubber inlay for anti-skid prevention.
  • Weather resistant design.
  • Designed specifically for use on a sailboat
  • Torque: Achieves 110+NM of torque to stall
  • Rotation: 50-110rpm via variable speed technology in both directions allowing for two Speed winch rotations.
  • Winch cog contains unique drive to prevent failure in both rotation directions.
  • Cog will not unthread or snap the retaining screw.
  • Drive: Integrated standard winch cog of stainless steel.
  • Battery: Internal rechargeable 21.6V Lithium


  • 100-240 volt AC shore power
  • 12 volt DC Trickle charging device
  • Storage tote bag
  • Drive Cog