Marine Kinetix MK4+Marine Wind Generator
Marine Kinetix MK4+Marine Wind Generator
Marine Kinetix MK4+Marine Wind Generator
$ 1,495.00 USD

Marine Kinetix MK4+Marine Wind Generator

Marine Kinetix MK4+ Wind Generator

  • Super Quiet 
  • Low Wind Startup, High Wind Performance
  • Super Reliable
  • Maximum Power
  • For AGM, VRLA and Lithium Batteries

MarineKinetix wind turbines have become the serious cruisers choice.  Cruising Solutions was an early-adopter of the MarineKinetix Wind Generator, and after having one on our own cruising sailboat for more than 7 years, and after interfacing with scores of owners, we can honestly say that we think that this is one of the best marine wind generators available.  We think you will agree.

Using advanced engineering, high-efficiency output and super-quiet operation, the MK4+ takes us to another level with a smaller, lighter design;  taller tail for better wind tracking and responding to wind shifts. The new asymmetric pole-shifted rotor features 12 rare-earth neodymium magnets for smoother rotation and higher output. The 36-slot stator features upgraded premium heavy gauge copper windings for efficiency and durability.

Durability and appearance in the marine environment is also improved with a high-pressure die-cast magnalium chassis being Dacromat pre-treated then thermoset-coated with  a durable marine double powder coating. 

Noise and vibration levels have also been refined by doubling the yaw bearings providing a wider base for yaw response, and reducing vibration.  The  Aero'coustic carbon-fiber reinforced blades have been upgraded as well, making them 18% more rigid.  The included urethane "isolator pad" is now molded to ease installation at the pole and the precision hub has improved tolerances for blade tightening to eliminate any irregularities which might produce imbalance or vibration. 

Below deck, the all-new 2-stage Pulse Width Modulating (PWM) charge controller increases total output efficiency, charging your batteries faster and fuller.  Thanks to modern power electronics, the MK4+ doesn't need diversion loads or heating element to provide speed control.  The microprocessor-controlled charge controller uses stepless electronic load control, automatic braking, and overvoltage and overcurrent protection.  No need for a separate shunt, ammeter, or stop switch panel either.  A matrix LCD screen provides voltage, amperage and wattage info, and the controller features an integrated manual stop switch as well. 

In our 20 years of cruising, we have seen and/or tried virtually every wind generator out there and can honestly say that this is the one to buy. It is super quiet...none quieter. It has very high output in the full range of conditions yet requires virtually no maintenance or baby-sitting. It is durable and delivers maximum power from wind to battery with no hassle. Installation is very straightforward with no surprises, and customer support is exceptional. You'll love it so much that Cruising Solutions guarantees your satisfaction!

The box includes:

  • Wind Generator
  • Hub
  • Nose Cone
  • Blades (3)
  • Assembly Hardware (nuts/bolts/washers, plus spares)
  • Isolation pad

You will need:

  • Mounting pole and support stays. Mounting collar is for 1.9" OD tubing or pipe (1.5" Schedule 40 pipe is 1.9" in OD).  48-50 mm tubing is also fine.  Stainless or aluminum are appropriate. 
  • Appropriate length 3-conductor wire ("10/3 cable" for up to 30') from the top of your mounting pole to the charge controller mounting location.
  • 8AWG primary wire (red + and black -) from the controller to your battery connection (up to 30').
  • 50A fuse or breaker on positive connection to the battery (this is a safety item per ABYC).

Questions or comments, technical or otherwise, please give Jeff a call at 864-275-7837. We will answer all of your questions and help you select the proper setup.