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$ 1,495.00 USD

Marine Kinetics 4+

We've just "raised the bar" for marine wind generators. Using advanced engineering, high-efficiency output and super-quiet operation, Marine Kinetix 450 has become one of the most popular marine wind generators. The new MK4+ takes us to another level with a smaller, lighter design;  taller tail for better wind tracking lowering yaw and responding to wind shifts. Our new asymmetric pole shifted rotor features 12 "rare-earth" neodymium magnets (up from 10) for smoother rotation and higher output and "broad leaf" magnet design for lower air-gap. The new 36slot stator features upgraded premium heavy gauge copper windings for efficiency and durability.

Durability and appearance is also improved with our die-cast magnalium chassis being Dacromat pre-treated then thermoset-coated with  a durable marine coating. 

Noise and vibration levels have also been refined by doubling the yaw bearings providing a wider base for yaw response reducing vibration and improving the Aero'coustic carbon-fibre reinforced blades making them 18% more rigid. Our urethane "isolator pad" is now molded to ease installation and improve noise and vibration suppression at the pole and our precision hub has improved tolerances for blade tightening to eliminate any irregularities which might produce imbalance or vibration. 

Below deck, our all-new patented 2-stage Pulse Width Modulating (PWM) charge controller handles wind AND solar charging, and increases total output efficiency, charging your batteries faster and fuller. 

In our 20 years of cruising, we have seen and tried virtually every wind generator out there and can honestly say that this is the one to buy. It is quiet. It has very high output in the full range of conditions yet requires virtually no maintenance or baby-sitting. It is durable and delivers maximum power from wind to battery with no hassle. Installation is very straight forward with no surprises and customer support is exceptional. You'll like it.