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Balloons don't go to heaven

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...but sea creatures do!

Summery: Balloons kill wildlife and are a waste of helium.

Aboard Sampatecho II we have counted hundreds of discarded mylar and latex balloons floating off the eastern seaboard. We've seen the carcass of a whale killed by ingesting them.

These things are a danger to endangered species. They should be banned!

turtle and balloon

In one passage alone we counted over 30 groups of balloons.

balloons in the water

Additionally, helium is a finite resource, important in some medical procedures and we are frivolously wasting it on colourful bags of petroleum which kill whales and other endangered species.

duck and balloon

I'm sorry to get gruesome, but it is important that I impress my point. When I see a cluser of balloons on the beach or in the ocean it's like seeing flowers by the side of the highway (to denote an accident.)

The picture above is a Greenpeace representation after the sperm whale was found, it’s not real. 

Click here to learn more about this whale made of plastic and find out more about balloons and plastic in the oceans.



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