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Internal Metallic Tank Sensor

Internal Metallic Tank Sensor

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Internal Sensor for aqueous liquids: (not fuel)

Eliminates problems caused by conventional float-switches clogging or jamming. This sensor is designed for use in metal tanks, wood-cored fiberglass tanks, or any plastic tank whose walls are unsuitable or inaccessible for installation of our external foil-based level sensors. Simply cut the PVC tube to the depth of your tank, cap the end and install in a 1” NPT threaded hole in the top of your tank.
If your tank already had a float sensor installed it may be that there is already a suitable hole through which to install this sensor. If this hole has 5 smaller holes surrounding a larger central hole it is likely that this is the standard SAE-5 lug sensor pattern for which we offer an adapter plate which will greatly simplify your installation.

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