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TuffTalk Intercom Headsets for High Noise Applications

TuffTalk Intercom Headsets for High Noise Applications

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Please note that units are sold as individual headsets for each person. Two headsets are required for headset-to-headset communication. 


Team communication is now possible for up to 4 members at a distance of up to 1.4 km! Our new Industrial-strength headsets deaden annoying engine, wind or factory noises down to 24 Db levels yet allow you to amplify important external sound like alarms or voice calls or simultaneously allow crystal-clear communications between headsets individually or as a group.


Reduces external noise to 24 decibels attenuation
Adjustable Ambient Noise level to hear important signals or verbal calls
Interface available for 3rd party 2-way radios
Available in Hard Hat or Over-the Head styles


TuffTalk headsets are full time, wireless and hands-free. They operate using re-chargeable batteries (15 hr talk time) or 3 AAA batteries (12 hr talk time) and are easily operated even wearing gloves. TuffTalks are also programmed with VOX so you can verbally make a call or answer your cell phone when paired via Bluetooth. TuffTalks can be paired to other Bluetooth headsets, cell phones or even to 2-wait radios for longer range or inter-connectivity. They even include a "long-range" antenna which extends distance between partners from the standard 800 meters up to 1.4 Km.


With TuffTalks, you can talk individually with up to 3 other Bluetooth headset users or using the new GROUP INTERCOM, to instantly connect with all of them. You can make or receive phone calls and use "voice prompts" for information or communication on your cell phone. You can listen to music from your phone, iPod or from the built-in FM radio. You can even use your existing 2-way radio using an optional wired plug-in or wireless SR10i. And just in case we haven't thought of everything, you can easily upgrade your software free on the Sena website whenever an improvement is available


2 Years

Comparing Models

Tufftalk and Tufftalk Lite vs 2Talks or SPH10's

The new Tufftalk and Tufftalk Lite noise attenuating headsets are clearly different from our 2Talk and SPH10 products. These over-the-ear noise-attenuation headsets are designed more for high-noise activities like jet-boats, paramotors, air-boats, and industrial applications. They are available in either a) standard over-the-head configuration; or b) hard-hat mount model.  

Operation of the Tufftalk Lite is very similar to the 2Talk with the use of a center button with a "+" and "-" button on either side. The Tufftalk controls are more like the SPH10 with a large "jog" button and separate phone button.  They can both be paired with either SPH10 or 2Talks using the 3.0 Bluetooth technology in the SPH10 and 2Talk models (for up to 4 total headsets in a group). 

Ambient noise reduction rating (NRR) is 20dB and 22 dB respectively on the Tufftalk Lite and TuffTalk models,  but you can still hear someone speaking directly to you. If you want to hear or even amplify ambient sound, you can do that with the Tufftalk model. The only other real advantage of the full Tufftalk model is that it can use regular batteries if you exceed 10 hours of talking in one day and they have an external antenna for greater range (Tufftalk Lite is only rated for 800 meters). 

Both Tufftalk models are "over-the-top headband" head sets but also come as a "hard-hat" model for road crews, fire fighters or factory crane operators. Either design is extremely comfortable and secure thanks to adjustable, heavily padded earpieces. 

Tufftalk adds an extra dimension to our Sena line-up for dozens of new applications and users and pricing is very competitive for these state-of-the art personal communication devices. Please call me at 864-275-7837 with any questions or for more information. 

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