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Waterproof Eyeball Replacement

Waterproof Eyeball Replacement

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This Power LED bulb is designed specifically for the swivel-type “eyeball” or “vent” type fixtures that are used in many boats and RV’s. These also fit the single swivel fixtures that are used in Catalina and other sailboats and RV’s.

Most replacement LED bulbs won’t fit these fixtures, because there is very little room for a proper directional LED bulb, and the reflector cannot be removed.

We solved the problem with our 3W PowerLED Reader, which uses a special slim bodied single-contact housing that allows the bulb to fit without interference. It is simple to install, and provides a much brighter light that the original incandescent.

The bulb features a unique inverted projector lens, which provides nice progressive coverage perfect for reading or cabin lighting.

Available only in Double-Contact (BA15d) base types. This bulb works great in other double-contact type reading lights as well.


  • Output Color: Warm White
  • Voltage: 10VDC – 30VDC
  • Wattage: 3W
  • Amperage: 250 mA
  • Lumens: 180 WW
  • Color Temp: 3300k
  • Beam Angle: 100°
  • Dimensions: ø18mm x 44mm (including base)

2 Year Warranty

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