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Single Mesh Bluetooth Headset - For Group Intercom Communications - Sena

Single Mesh Bluetooth Headset - For Group Intercom Communications - Sena

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This is the My Team Talks Mesh-enabled version or our 2Talk Mesh Bluetooth Headset. This page is for the purchase of individual Mesh headsets.  You will need more than 1 Mesh Bluetooth Headset to communicate headset-to-headset. 

We also now offer these headsets as pairs in a kit with 2 Bluetooth Headset and a zippered hard-shell storage case.  If you need 3 total, you would order the kit, and add one from this page.  You need 4, or other multiples of 2, then you may choose to order multiple pairs using the link above.  

What is included?

  • (1) My Team Talks Expand Headsets
  • (1) USB Charging Cables
  • Spare foam windproof mic covers
  • Spare foam hygienic earpiece covers
  • Quick start instruction guide 

The My Team Talks Mesh headset is the next generation of our Marriage Saver Headsets and they use the latest Mesh networking technology, which has several benefits.  The Mesh headsets do not require pairing between individual headsets, so they connect automatically upon power-up, and they can communicate with an unlimited number of other Mesh headsets.  So, they not only are great for headset-to-headset communication between 2 people, but also are excellent for situations where you need to communicate in groups of more than 4 headsets.  With Mesh, the number of headsets communicating as a group is unlimited.

The Mesh headset is equipped with Mesh Intercom technology to allow for easy group communications. With just a touch of a button you can automatically link multiple Mesh headsets together for full-duplex open digital communication.  This simplicity is perfect for use in a wide variety of recreational activities and action-sports activities.  These are also great for tour groups, training exercises, industrial production lines, heavy equipment, jobsites, or any situation where instant and clear wireless handsfree communication is important. These new Mesh headsets offer the following features:

  • Dynamic Mesh Intercom
  • 9-separate channels for setting up different groups
  • User-selectable open mesh (anyone can join), or private mesh 
  • Smartphone Connectivity - Play music, take calls, use Siri, etc.
  • Audio Multitasking - Play music while also listening to intercom traffic
  • Bluetooth® 5.2 - Faster, more clear, better stereo audio, and longer battery life
  • Designed to wear comfortably with hats, helmets, long hair, or sunglasses. Super secure, these headsets can't fall off your head.

What is Dynamic Mesh?

Mesh can be thought of as a 2.4GHz wireless web of interconnected headsets that can connect instantly with any other nearby Mesh headset.  As long as they are in range, they will connect, without having to be specifically paired or grouped together (such as with Bluetooth).  Mesh is an open network, where all of the headsets can instantly connect and communicate, whereas Bluetooth networks take the form of a chain, so Bluetooth requires headsets to be paired with one another in a sequential order, and can only support up to 4 headsets.  While the Mesh is not Bluetooth, the headsets also have an integrated Bluetooth transceiver to pair with your phone for taking phone calls, playing music, Siri, Alexa, etc.

Other full-duplex headsets use Master and Slave type communication, or use separate base stations, while these Mesh headsets are free of all of that. 

These headsets are identical in form-factor to our 2Talk headsets, but utilize a Mesh protocol rather than Bluetooth for headset-to-headset communications.  Other upgrades include the newer and more powerful Bluetooth 5.2 (vs. Bluetooth 3.0 in the 2Talks), as well as the change to the newer USB-C (vs. Micro USB) type charging cable. 

Like our other communication headsets, the Mesh allows your crew to have easy full-duplex group communication --or private conversations-- at extended ranges without having to shout or use clumsy and unsafe hand signals. Recreational and jobsite activities can be much safer by using Mesh intercom technology for fast and efficient handsfree communication.

Mesh vs. 2Talk

  Mesh 2Talk
Communication Method Mesh Network
Peer-to-peer communication
Number of Connections Virtually limitless
Up to 4 devices
Pairing Before Connecting No pairing required Need to pair beforehand
Security Open communication
or private group communication
Connection only with paired devices


This Mesh headset makes group communications easy.  Also perfect for photo shoots, video production, security team coordination, jobsites, etc.  Seriously outperforms other solutions.

How does Cruising Solutions' Mesh differ from DECT type multi-headset solutions? 

DECT (Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephone) is the standard that was developed for the old 900MHz cordless phones and baby monitors back in the days when you had analog phones.  DECT devices require either a base-station, belt pack, or a Master headset, with the remaining headsets acting as Slave devices.  DECT devices typically now operate at 1.9GHz, which is a better frequency, but here in the US the FCC has allocated only a very tiny bandwidth of 10MHz (1920-1930 MHz), and very low power for these devices, so DECT use here suffers from deficiencies related to that, including range and interference.  The bandwidth and power allowed in Europe, for instance, is double of that used in the US.  DECT headsets are not weather-resistant, are usually single-ear over the head type headsets, quite expensive, and there are no DECT solutions available anywhere that also have Bluetooth connectivity.  The fact is that DECT served its purpose for many years, but Mesh is a new and exciting technology that is being deployed in wireless networks, home automation, commercial lighting, internet of things, and now for handsfree wireless group communication!

We are always here to answer any additional questions that you may have.

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