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Bowsprit Pulley NUB - Dyneema® Spi 4 Nub® - NODUS FACTORY

Bowsprit Pulley NUB - Dyneema® Spi 4 Nub® - NODUS FACTORY

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Bowsprit Pulley NUB - Dyneema® Spi 4 Nub®


Spi 4®, is a Nub pulley on a "tie" strap allowing to fix the spi tack on the bowsprit. 

  • For bowsprit, fixing and adjustment of the strap by lashing in dyneema®, tightening by 4 half keys minimum
  • Throat pulley for ropes up to 12 mm in pure Dyneema® or with non-aggressive sheath 
  • Tack position can be adjusted by means of the Nodus FR14 friction ring
  • You can use the Nub block as a spinnaker pole hoist.


The Nodus-Nub® and the Nodusfactory™ dyneema® lashing strap are Made in France and made in our workshops.


Product Details





NUB Pulley "Lashing" Rope Sail size
R2 Basket Reference R2 40 nds
KG Nub 40  3 mm m2
Spi 4 NUB 3000 N 40 1 ml 130 m2


To be used for bowsprit 


Ø 70mm Ø 80mm Ø 90mm** Ø 100mm**
Spi 60 m2 80 m2 100 m2 130 m2
Gennaker 37 m2 50 m2 65 m2 105 m2
Jif reefing* 1,5t / 2,5t 2,5t / 4,5t 4,5t / 7,0t 4,5t / 7,0t

*with Jib-boom **Loop with lashing & Ring FRd

Data sheet

  • Low friction Nodus-Nub ring, black thermoplastic technical resin
  • Sewn webbing 100% Dyneema® R2 48fx pre-stretched, enzymed ¬ black
  • 3 mm Dyneema® lashing
  • Structural eye termination ¬ sewn


  • Easy and quick to install, no need for mechanical fastening " Anti-slip strip installation optional
  • Secure locking under load and off load
  • Reliable and maintenance-free
  • Veritas certified resistance
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