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Nodus Factory

Nodus Factory - Hook HK16

Nodus Factory - Hook HK16

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New to Nodus Factory - Hook HK16 Opening Block.
6000kg Breaking Load and it only weighs 120gms

The Nodus Factory Textile Hook opening friction ring is the lightest and strongest removable sheet control solution:

  • Can control and haul sheets under tension This opening friction ring is easy to position under the rope and its textile attachment system prevents any opening under load
  • This connector can be used with all types of ropes either in dynamic or static modes. 
  • Uses Enables rope to be quickly passed in any situation Barber, in-haulers or spare pulley Can be installed anywhere or on the deck Hoist (mainsail, vang, running backstay, etc)

Additional Information:

Breaking Load 6000kg - Weight 120gms - Length 8cm - Max line 16mm

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