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Textile Hook Friction Ring - M TH-M20 - NODUS FACTORY

Textile Hook Friction Ring - M TH-M20 - NODUS FACTORY

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TH-M®, the Textile Hook opening friction ring is the lightest and strongest removable sheet control solution. M20 Friction Ring

  • Enables rope to be quickly passed in any situation
  • Barber, in-haulers or spare pulley
  • Can be installed anywhere or on the deck
  • Hoist (mainsail, vang, running backstay,…etc)
  • Nodus Factory opening friction ring made of Self-lubricating technical plastic resin   -black
  • Block®, clamping and holding ring, made of technical PA, which can lock and quickly fix a textile hook friction
  • Shackle High Load®, core and sheath made of 100% Nodex® R2 12fx pre-stretched, coated - Light grey / black
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