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Flexofold 2 Blade COMPOSITE for Saildrive - Folding Propeller

Flexofold 2 Blade COMPOSITE for Saildrive - Folding Propeller

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Flexofold 2 Blade COMPOSITE for Saildrive:

This is the Flexofold composite folding propeller for Yanmar, Volvo Penta, Lombardini, Technodrive and Torqeedo Deep Blue Saildrives.  Available in left or right rotation, and various pitches in 15", 16", 17" and 18" diameters.The Flexofold 2 Blade Composite Saildrive prop enhances motoring performance, reduces drag under sail, and is designed for easy installation on Yanmar and Volvo sail drives.  Besides the powerful performance and low drag under sail, the composite propeller features:

  • New modern design
  • Light weight (approx. 2 kgs less than a Flexofold Classic)
  • Due to the composite materials, the hub is immune to electrolysis / stray current / electrical error on the boat
  • Closed / cover protecting the helical gearing
  • Dual shock absorbers for smooth opening / operation
  • Easy to clean
  • Prepared for mounting of rope cutter (from Ambassador “the stripper”)
  • Special inner hub protecting the saildrive
  • Patented assembly construction

FlexOFold Props are manufactured and direct shipped from Denmark by UPS.
Shipping time is generally 5 business days and may be subject to import duty/brokerage. Complete our Quote Form and we will come back to you with the details. Complete the form here:

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Here is Installation Instructions of Flexofold 2 Blade COMPOSITE for Saildrive :

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