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FlexofOld 2 Blade Propeller - SHAFT Mount - Folding Propeller

FlexofOld 2 Blade Propeller - SHAFT Mount - Folding Propeller

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About FlexofOld 2 Blade Folding Propeller:

Flexofold folding propeller offer the cheapest extra knot of boat speed you can buy!

The 2-blade Flexofold reduces drag from 25 lbs to 1 lb at 6 knots, yet opens reliably EVERY TIME for better thrust when motoring with less prop-walk. Constructed of Nibral (80% copper) for low fouling, it provides incredible stopping power and the best reverse thrust among folding props. It also has the lowest drag of any prop PERIOD!

*Prices start at the below listed value and are determined based on your form submission: Click below:

Fill out your specifications for a quote here. Once submitted, we'll email you a quote based on your specifications for a custom-sized propeller, designed for your boat, sailboat, or yacht. We generally need 5 business days to ship to your door, with some exceptions depending on location.


For the very lowest drag with excellent performance under power. A proven winner! “The Flex-O-Fold slipped through the water like a greased squid”—Cruising World, June 1996. Contact us for a quote.


The best model for powerful thrust in forward and reverse. It has the lowest drag under sail and outperforms any fixed, feathering, or other folding prop. It can add 10% to your daily cruising range and improve your motoring efficiency.

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