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Flexofold 4 Blade Folding Propeller for Sailboats

Flexofold 4 Blade Folding Propeller for Sailboats

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Flexofold propellers have very low drag while sailing but still give you maximum performance under power.  Used by the world's largest OEMs.

4-blades certainly give you the most bight, and it is what you want for maximum thrust and easy maneuvering under power, but 4-bladed props typically add too much drag for cruising sailboats, and any gains under power are lost when sailing.  Flexofold's unique 4-bladed folding design gives you trouble-free handling in both forward and reverse, as well as low drag sailing to add boat speed or keep the sails up longer in low winds.

When the sail magazines and boat builders do their testing they find that folding props generate at least 95% less drag than fixed props, and the Flexofold line always ranks near or at the top in performance.  See an example here 

Selecting the correct prop depends on many factors, including size, pitch, shaft diameter, engine rotation, engine specs, rudder clearance, etc., so please contact us at to spec out your prop. 

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