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Flexofold Propeller Puller

Flexofold Propeller Puller

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The Flexofold Prop Puller makes removing a Flexofold 2-blade, 3-blade or 4-blade propeller easy.  Forget risking damage of your expensive prop by using an unsuitable universal type puller.  If your prop is stuck on your tapered shaft, all you need is this simple tool and a wrench to remove it.

It removes the Flexofold prop by fitting between the hub and the pivot pins so that when you tighten the bolt it draws the hub off of the shaft with just a few turns of the bolt.  Can be used underwater or on the hard.  Easy to hang on to, and not as fiddley and floppy as jaw type puller.

The perfect tool for boatyards, divers, and well-prepared owners.

The body of this tool is made of heavy-duty 10mm thick stainless steel with a 15mm high-tensile Grade 10.9 alloy steel hex-head bolt.  Handles even the toughest prop removal jobs.

Dimensions:  12' x 3.5" x 3/8"

Weight:  2.25 lbs.


  • Remove the blades from the hub.
  • The tool has 2 ends, one end has "prongs" that are shaped like a cross (+) and the other end is fork (Y) shaped.  It also has 3 threaded holes.  One hole is on the cross end, another is on the Y-end, and there is one in between.  The cross-shaped end is used for 4-blade props, while the forked end is used for 3-blade props.  The midpoint hole is used for the 2-blade props.  Place the tool so that the appropriate end and/or hole is placed such that the prongs fit into the recessed slots of the hub, with the threaded hole centered on the end of the shaft (see picture above).
  • While holding the tool in place, replace the pivot pins so that they create a backstop for the Prop Puller.  The pins also maintain the tool in position.  
  • Prevent the pivot pins from falling out by re-fastening the tapered locking screws (only hand tightening is needed).
  • Now screw the bolt onto the hole that is centered on the shaft. Turn the screw clockwise towards the shaft while keeping it centered on the end of the shaft until it forces the shaft taper to lose its grip (take care not to drop the hub). 



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