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2Talk Intercom Communication Bluetooth Headsets for Boaters (Pair) - The Marriage Savers!

2Talk Intercom Communication Bluetooth Headsets for Boaters (Pair) - The Marriage Savers!

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Are you sorry for the things that you've said while docking the boat? These Marriage Saver Bluetooth Headset kits should help solve that.

These are our new 2Talk 2Talk intercom communication bluetooth headsets for boaters with the same intercom features and internal electronics as our original SPH10 "Marriage Saver" headsets, but now sold as a pair in a kit, and they come ready-to-use in a case. The new "2Talk" branding, price and firmware difference, is thanks to our long-standing relationship with the manufacturer and our buying power.

If you're tired of hand-signals and shouting when docking or mooring, these 2Talk hands-free headset intercoms are the perfect solution.  You won't be disappointed.

  • Full Duplex Communication (simultaneous 2-way conversation)
  • 8 - Hour continuous talk time on a full 1.5-hour charge
  • Standby mode - Saves power when not actively speaking
  • Practical range of several hundred yards in all weather conditions
  • Priced as a pair with a zippered storage case
  • Foam mic cover, spare earpiece covers, and USB charging cable included
  • Simple 3-button waterproof interface 
  • Advanced Noise Control (limits wind and background noises)
  • Fully water-resistant (not submersible)
  • Up to 4 headsets can communicate together as a group (individual headsets available)
  • Pairs with all Sena headsets, Sena Bluetooth and (Sena SPH10, Expand, Tufftalks, etc.)
  • Works well with a hearing aide
  • Separate volume controls as well as the ability to remember previous volume setting

If your application requires full-duplex communication with larger groups (more than 3 or 4 headsets), consider our Expand Mesh headsets.

These 2Talk 2Talk intercom communication bluetooth headsets for boaters are still manufactured by the world's leader in headset-to-headset hands-free communications. We've added a longer boom microphone, made the headset more water-resistant, and added user-friendly firmware for headset-to-headset intercoms. They come in a sturdy zippered hard storage case! They will arrive Bluetooth-paired and ready to use.

Unlike other communication intercom solutions for boaters, these headsets have no dangling wires, no push-to-talk buttons, or clip-on belt packs. Conversations are hands-free, digital, and full-duplex. They have a behind-the-neck design and dual stereo earpiece speakers (one for each ear), which is more secure and fits all head sizes.

Up to four individual 2Talk Bluetooth Headsets can be paired as a group. To add a single headset (for a group of 3), order a single 2Talk headset. If you want four 2Talk intercom communication bluetooth headsets for boaters, just purchase two kits. 


Cruising Solutions Team member recommended-  by Andy "As full time cruisers, they are a game changer on our boat especially useful in the dark when my partner could not see my hand signals at night. Now everyone can hear clearly when things are dark, windy, far away (up the mast), loud (in the motor compartment) or for multiple crew (racing). They sit behind your head and secure over the ears so they don't fall off."


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