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Emergency Ladder - Magic Reboard for Dinghy or Boat - 11 Step - Outils Oceans in the USA

Emergency Ladder - Magic Reboard for Dinghy or Boat - 11 Step - Outils Oceans in the USA

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  • Essential Emergency Ladders for Boaters and Solo Sailors

    Introducing our essential emergency ladders for boats, designed with the highest quality materials and features to ensure boating safety. Perfect for solo sailors, these ladders are ideal for reboarding a dinghy or as an extra midship safety ladder.

    Key Features:

    • Rigid Rungs: Provides stability and support during use (see picture).
    • Swift Installation: Easily secure the ladder with a cow hitch around the stern rail, saving precious time during emergencies.
    • Quick Access: The ladder's flap and press studs closure enable rapid deployment, keeping it readily accessible when needed.
    • High Visibility: Equipped with a fluorescent band, the ladder stands out in low-light conditions, aiding swift rescue operations.
    • User-Friendly Design: Opens effortlessly with a small line, allowing for smooth and efficient deployment.

    Premium Materials:

    • Robust Build: Features polyester weaving with semi-rigid (9 rungs) or rigid (11 rungs) polyethylene reinforcement, ensuring durability.
    • Weather-Resistant: The box is made of PVC-coated polyester on both sides, with a tough polyethylene back, designed to withstand harsh marine conditions.
    • Secure Binding: Black polypropylene weaving reinforcement adds extra strength during rescue operations.
    • Reliable Cord: Polyester cord guarantees dependable support, making it a crucial lifeline for those in distress.

Our flexible step 9-rung emergency ladder can be found on our website. Please send us an email if you would like more information at 

Please note that due to high demand, some orders may experience a few weeks delay.  We will email you if we are shipping from one of our warehouses that might be at a greater distance. Act now and be well-prepared for any boating emergency—because fast action can save lives.

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