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Masthead Anchor Fixture
$ 89.00 USD

Masthead Anchor Fixture

This compact, super-bright, sealed-for-life anchor light delivers 3 NM visibility for vessels up to 164 feet (50meters). It mounts easily using supplied stainless hardware and has 8 feet of tinned cable.

Like all of our LED Nav lights, it features an internal Constant Current chipset for operation between 9 and 33 Volt DC Constant Current and is EMC certified not to emit harmful RF interference so your VHF, SSB and GPS transmissions won’t be affected.

USCG/ABYC A-16 Certified for vessels up to 164 feet (50 meters).

Coast Guard Certified Navigation Lights

Our Nav Light fixtures are permanently 100% sealed and Waterproof IP-67 and USCG/ABYC certified for power or sailboats up to 65 feet. These brilliant LEDs use only 10% of the power consumed by incandescent lights with the same colour and visibility. They all feature our Constant Current chipset which operates on voltages from 9Vdc  to 33Vdc  for 12 or 24 volt applications. This protects operation from power surges, voltage drop and fluctuations. They won’t fail from vibration, moisture intrusion and will probably outlast the rest of the vessel. Bow and stern running lights combined, use less than ½ amp @ 12 volts or ¼ amp @ 24 volts. They do not emit harmful RF interference EMC certification EN55022, EN61547 and EN60945) so they don’t cause interference with VHF, SSB, headsets or GPS signals.


  • Voltage: 9-33VDC Constant Current
  • Power: 2 Watts (0.14A at 12V)
  • Visibility: 3NM
  • Housing Color: Black
  • Output Color: White
  • Ingress Protection: IP67 (fully sealed)
  • Approvals: USCG 33CFR183.810, ABYC A-16, EMC EN55022, EN61547 & EN60945
  • All-Around (Anchor Light) 360° 3NM

2 Year Warranty