The perfect Gift for the sailor in your life
$ 35.00 USD

Utility LED Anchor Light

Are you concerned about being visible to reckless dinghy pilots or drunken boaters when anchored at night?  This portable LED anchor light can be hung at deck level, and can be seen at mega distances well exceeding 2 nautical miles.  A perfect companion to your masthead all-around light.  

This uber-efficient LED light can be used as an all-around 360° anchor light, or as a super-bright general utility light. When hung from the boom or mast, the double-Fresnel lens acts as an anchor light, but it also has a clear dome lens on top, so it can be used for lighting the cockpit under a bimini top, or as a general area light for probing those deep lazarettes at night. 

Another great feature of this light is the integrated dusk-to-dawn photocell sensor that shuts the lamp off at dawn, and then automatically turns it back on when it gets dark. It works great when the boat is unattended, or when you are just a bit late returning from dinner on shore.

It has a fully sealed double O-ring lens and waterproof cable gland. It has 15′ of waterproof cable terminated by a 12V cigarette lighter plug with replaceable fuse inside. The kit also includes an adjustable hanger and a separate fuse holder for hard-wired applications. It can be wired direct, or can plug into any convenient cigarette lighter socket.

Comes with our super low-draw 12-LED bulb, which draws virtually no power (0.1A). Visibility exceeds 2nm with the 12-LED Cool White bulb. 

We recommend that you select cool white for all anchor or mooring light applications.   

2 Year Warranty