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Smart Tri-Color & Anchor Light LED Bulb

Smart Tri-Color & Anchor Light LED Bulb

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Turn your normal anchor light fixture into a masthead tri-color and anchor light combo!  Just change out your existing bulb with our smart tri-color bulb.

This is a patented LED bulb that replaces your existing all-around BAY15d or BA15s bayonet-type anchor light bulb, and turns it into a dual-mode Anchor Light/Tri-Color Light – without changing fixtures or adding switches or wiring.

The bulb itself meets the requirement for both an all-around anchor light, and a tri-color navigation light. So, it can be installed in virtually any clear anchor light fixture (using BAY15d or BA15s type bulbs) and it will meet the USCG and COLREG requirements for boats up to 20M.

You simply replace your existing anchor light bulb with the Tri-Mode LED bulb, and you instantly have 3 functions. LED anchor light, LED Tri-color light, and emergency SOS strobe.

The anchor light also has Dusk-to-Dawn functionality, so there is no need to remember to turn the anchor light on or off when mooring.  If you don't want this function, it is easy disabled.

How does it work?

By varying the timing of the ON/OFF sequence of the switch, the bulb’s integrated micro-processor recognizes your request and changes to the correct mode.   When you first actuate your switch, it will turn on the default dusk-to-dawn anchor light function. If you turn off the switch, then turn it on again within 3 seconds, you activate the tri-color mode.  If you turn off the switch and wait from between 3 and 7 seconds, you will activate the SOS strobe mode. If you turn the lamp off, and then wait more than 7 seconds, the next time it is turned on it will revert to the default anchor light mode.  

The bulb also has a unique rotating feature, which allows the tri-color bulb to be easily aligned with the boat’s center line, regardless of the socket or fixture alignment.

The engineering that went in this bulb is incredible.  It meets all the COLREG regulations for both an anchor light and a tri-color as a standalone bulb, including separation angle, color, and range, yet uses about a  20 times less energy to operate than a standalone tri-color.

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