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#112 Zinc Anode - for Flexofold Propellers

#112 Zinc Anode - for Flexofold Propellers

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Replace and check your zincs on an annual basis.

Don't choose cheap internet zincs with questionable zinc content and impurities and risk having your expensive folding prop be damaged by galvanic action.  Our zincs are made in the EU of a very high-quality and reactive zinc alloy produced to the strict mil-spec standards.

Our zincs include the mounting bolt with pre-applied underwater thread-locker.  Do not reuse old hardware without thread locker.  Also keep in mind that standard Loctite type anaerobic thread lockers will not work for underwater installation of any hardware. 

Get started on preparing your boat!


  • All Flexofold 3-blade propellers 
  • 2-blade LA-type (closed gearing) propellers - Type with cover plate.
  • Flexofold 4-blade,  up to 23"

Flexofold zincs are meant to be hand tightened to a clean and shiny coverplate using a 6mm Allen key.  Over-torqueing may result in stripping the coverplate threads.  Do not torque more than 7.2 ft. lbs. 

If your brass cover plate -- to which the zinc is mounted-- is damaged, stripped, or corroded, you may need a replacement.  We stock the cover plates for the 3-bladed props here.  We can also order other replacement parts for the all Flexofold propellers, as well as spare parts  Just contact us for more info.

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