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BAY15D Bi-Color Bow Light LED Bulb for Aqua Signal Series 41

BAY15D Bi-Color Bow Light LED Bulb for Aqua Signal Series 41

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This dual voltage (12V or 24V) 24-LED bulb is designed specifically to replace the incandescent BAY15d type bayonet bulb in Aqua Signal Series 41 bi-color bow Navigation Lights, and is indexed to place the red LEDs behind the red lens and the with green LEDs behind the green lens, which produces brilliant illumination significantly surpassing your existing white light.

Visibility well exceeds 3 miles, and the power consumption is less than 0.45 amps @ 12V (0.22 amps @ 24V).  Life expectancy is over 30,000 hrs. RoHS and CE certification. Special chipset to prevent  VHF radio or GPS interference.

Upgrade your bi-color running light to our LED to have a brighter, more visible, longer lasting bulb, with more 80% less power.


  • For Aqua Signal Series 41 (bulb base facing up)
  • Direct Replacement for Aqua Signal 90002, 9040000200, and  9040000300 25W bulbs
  • Size:32mm x 68mm
  • LED QTY: 24 pcs
  • Power: 4W
  • Amperage: 0.33 Amps
  • Input Voltage: DC10-30V (12V and 24V) 
  • Exceeds 3nm Visibility

NOTE: Series 40 Bow Fixtures with camlock mounting and the socket connected through the bottom of the fixture (3503302000) have an opposite mount. Some customers have experienced reverse mounts do to incorrect fixture installation. 

2 Year Warranty -- Satisfaction Guaranteed

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