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Outils Ocean

Emergency Ladder - Magic Reboard for Dinghy or Boat - 9 Step- Outils Oceans

Emergency Ladder - Magic Reboard for Dinghy or Boat - 9 Step- Outils Oceans

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Introducing our essential emergency ladders, equipped with the best features and materials to ensure your boating safety:

Key Features:

Non Rigid Rungs ( see image )

Offering a swift installation with a user-friendly design: Easily secure the ladder with a cow hitch around the stern rail, the ladder opens effortlessly with a small line that reaches the water level, allowing for smooth and efficient deployment saving precious time during emergencies. 

Quick Access: The ladder's flap and press studs closure enables rapid deployment, keeping it readily accessible when needed.

High Visibility: With a fluorescent band, the ladder stands out in low-light conditions, aiding swift rescue operations.

      Premium Materials & Luxuriously Looking:

      Robust Build: The ladder boasts polyester weaving with semi-rigid (flexible 9 rung ) or rigid ( 11 rung - link below ) reinforcement (model-dependent) in polyethylene, ensuring durability.

      Weather-resistant: The ladder's box is made of PVC-coated polyester on both sides, and the back is crafted from tough polyethylene, withstanding harsh marine conditions.

      Secure Binding: The ladder's black polypropylene weaving reinforcement adds extra strength during rescue operations.

      Reliable Cord: The ladder's polyester and reflective cord guarantees dependable support, making it a crucial lifeline for those in distress.

          Our 11 rung emergency ladder can be found here. 

          Please note that due to high demand, some orders may experience a few weeks delay. Some orders will be shipped from our second warehouse and some orders might be on their way from France. We will notify you if there should be any delays and you can decide if you would like to wait or be refunded. We try to make sure that we have inventory in both warehouses. Act now and be well-prepared for any boating emergency—because fast action can save lives. 

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