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Variations in FlexOfold 2 Blade SAILDRIVE - Folding Propellers

Variations in FlexOfold 2 Blade SAILDRIVE - Folding Propellers

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Flexofold folding propellers offer the best value for an extra knot of boat speed. The 2-blade Flexofold reduces drag from 25 lbs to 1 lb at 6 knots and opens reliably every time for high thrust when motoring with minimal prop-walk. With superior stopping power and reverse thrust, it's standard on many top racers.

Flexofold folding propellers boasts the lowest drag under sail and the highest efficiency under power. Every size of propeller is stocked and shipped directly from the factory upon order completion. To ensure the best match, we select the right propeller based on your vessel's specific information. To get a custom quote, please fill out this form. We'll guide you through the process of selecting the best propeller and prepare a customized quote.

*Prices start at the listed value and depend on your form submission:

Fill out the quote form here—click "next" to see the details and "submit" when completed. Once we receive your submission, we'll email you a quote based on your specifications for a custom-sized propeller designed for your boat, sailboat, or yacht. We usually need 5 business days to ship to your door. *Exceptions apply depending on your boat's location.*


The best model for powerful thrust in forward and reverse, outperforming fixed, feathering, or folding props. It has the lowest drag under sail, adding 10% to your daily cruising range.


For the lowest drag and excellent performance under power. "The Flex-O-Fold slipped through the water like a greased squid." - Cruising World, June 1996.

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