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NAVISAFE Dinghy Navigation Kit

NAVISAFE Dinghy Navigation Kit

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This is a complete navigation lighting kit for your dinghy or kayak, and is USCG Certified to meet COLREG 72 requirements for small boats.  It has both the necessary bi-color bow light and white stern light, as well as all the mounting accessories to attach them to your small craft.  

The 360° running light is mounted on the top of the pole-mount aft.  The segmented pole mounts to the included drop-in transom mount, which is typically attached to the wood or fiberglass vertical surface or the transom via included screws.  The Navisafe 360 Light then mounts to the top of the transom pole. The Tri-Color light in the kit is used in bi-color mode on the bow with the included NaviMount RIB peel-and-stick mount.


  • Navi light 360° navigation light 2NM - white light
  • Navi light Tri-Color navigation light with NaviMount base - bi color and  tri-color functionality.
  • 4-piece screw-together pole with transom mount and 3/16" GoPro-style coupling for Navi light
  • NaviMount RIB base (soft hypalon mount with peel-and-stick high-bond base for bow light on inflatables)
  • NaviMount vertical mounting base (accepts pole on vessels transom)
  • Hard case stowaway box - 385 mm L x 115 mm W x 80 mm H

 Don't risk getting an expensive ticket when you can avoid the fines and the hassles with the NaviSafe Dinghy Kit.  Guaranteed to save you money in the long run.

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