The perfect Gift for the sailor in your life
Boaters who prioritize durability and performance in their equipment will find the M2 Hook to be a valuable addition to their arsenal, providing a dependable solution for various tasks on the water.
The M2 Hook is made from 2205 Duplex, thus withstanding the harsh marine environment and is the strongest hook on the market
Mantus Anchor Hooks - New M2
 Mantus Anchor Hooks designed to work in conjunction with Mantus Anchors to improve anchoring performance and ease of use.
Close up picture showing the top, bottom and side of a New M2 5/16" Stainless Steel Anchor Hooks made by Mantus.
Close-up image showing the top, bottom and anchoring of a new M2 1/2" stainless steel anchor hooks manufactured by Mantus.
Close-up image showing the bottom and anchored portion of a new M2 3/8" stainless steel anchor hooks manufactured by Mantus.
$ 53.00 USD

Mantus Anchor Hooks - New M2

Security and comfort are the 2 most important factors when anchoring. To deploy a Mantus Anchor is to attain the ultimate in security; fast setting in any bottom, deep, solid holding in the most extreme conditions and reliable resetting when tide or currents change over time. But you also want comfort and ease when setting, riding and recovering your Mantus. Enter the M2 Chain Hook.




This new design supersedes the original Mantus Chain Hook which works great but is larger, bulkier and a bit cumbersome to install and retrieve. The M2 hooks your chain quickly then secures it with an elastic strap holding it in place even when the chain loads and unloads thru the night. The M2 is small enough to slide past most bow rollers making set and retrieval a cinch without you hanging precariously over the bow.

The M2 Chain Hook, or chain grabber securely latches to the chain even when chain is unloaded, making it much safer than standard chain hooks that often fall off.

The M2 Hook is made from 2205 Duplex, thus can withstand the harsh marine environment and is the strongest hook on the market.

The chain grabber is safe, designed to be as strong as high test chain.

The Mantus Hook will work with your bridle, snubber, or can join two chain strands.

Fits BBB, Proofcoil, Hi Test and Stainless Chain.

Available for 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, and 1/2 inch chain.

Hook Sizing Recommendations

Hook Size WLL UBS Shackle (Size) Recommended Bridle Rope
1/4 in (6-7mm) 1,686 lbs 6,744 lbs 3/8 in or 7/16 in Shackle 1/2 in
5/16 in (8mm) 3,788 lbs 15,154 lbs 7/16 in Shackle 5/8 in
3/8 in (10mm) 5,516 lbs 22,066 lbs 1/2 in Shackle 3/4 in
1/2 in (12-13mm) 9,271 lbs 37,085 lbs 5/8 in Shackle 1 in

The safety factor we use to determine the safe working load is 4, where other manufacturers use the safety factor of 3 or lower thus UBS is the best way to compare strength between products.

The material properties of the carbon steel we use when manufacturing galvanized steel hook are the very similar to 316 stainless steel, thus the WLL and UBS values are practically the same for the galvanized and stainless steel hooks.

These strength ratings are lower then previously reported.

Shackles are now included with the hooks

Galvanized Shackle WLL UBS Stainless Steel Shackle WLL UBS
7/16 3,300 lbs 19,800 lbs 7/16 2000 lbs 10,000 lbs
1/2 4,400 lbs 26,400 lbs 1/2 3000 lbs 15,000 lbs
5/8 7,150 lbs 42,900 lbs 5/8 4000 lbs 20,000 lbs