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$ 18.00 USD

LED BA9S Bayonet Bulb for Aqua Signa and Perko Steaming/Deck Light

Finally, a replacement miniature BA9S bayonet base LED for replacing the 20W halogen foredeck bulb found in the Aqua Signal Series 25 masthead/foredeck combination lights.

This LED bulb is a direct replacement for Aqua Signal 90470-7 and the Perko 0068 (006812V20W) 20W halogen miniature bayonet bulb.

Up until recently, a replacement bulb for these fixtures just wasn’t possible because of the small amount of room available in the fixture, plus the output and heat dissipation required to match up to a 20W halogen deck light. Thanks to CREE corp., in Durham, NC, we now have 5W emitters capable of such feats.

This 5W CREE Power LED, along with our driver electronics, are encased in an aluminum heat sink, which allow for a high power LED light without the damaging effects of heat. A small focusing lens on the end of the bulb protects the emitter from the elements, and focuses the light into a tight 30° spot beam to light up the deck.

This bulb has a 5W LED that we drive at about 2W. While this itself gives the bulb an effective light output (or equivalency) of about 15W, the additional bump in light output required comes from 100% of the light being collected and focused via a parabolic projection lens. This eliminated the need for your reflector, which is a good thing, as the reflective capability of most Aqua Signal reflectors last only a few months at sea.

A great LED at about the same price as the original halogen.


  • Voltage: 10-17V DC
  • Current: 150mA
  • Power: 2W
  • Lumen Output: 150 lumens
  • Color: Cool White (6000k)
  • Dimensions: 32mm long (including base), 12mm dia.

2 Year Warranty