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Shampoo and body gel for salt water and oceans
Shampoo that foams in salt water!
Shampoo for sailors living on a boat.
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Savon de Mer - The Best Saltwater and Camping Soap

Cruising Solutions has found the very best saltwater bath gel and shampoo and brought it to North America.  Works great in freshwater too!  Campers, backpackers and Scuba divers will love it.

Simply great for a saltwater soapy, or for soaking your wetsuit or swimwear.  It just works great, and outperforms other so-called sailor's soap concoctions.  Developed and made by the scientists at Kappus in Germany, a 170 year-old firm that specializes in environmentally-friendly and natural soaps and skin care products.

Savon de Mer is a Fresh & Salt Water Shampoo & Body Gel that was developed to be able to be used in salt or fresh water. It is especially effective in salt water for shampooing, showering, and bathing. Made with special emollients to counteract the drying effects of the salt and sun on your hair and skin, it will leave you feeling fresh and clean like you cleansed in fresh water.

Savon de Mer does not contain soap as such. Soap is made from fats, oils and caustic soda. Soap works well in soft, fresh-water, but not in water containing any quantities of mineral salts (hard water). The disadvantages of ordinary shampoo, body gels and soaps are that they will not produce the rich lather of foam needed to properly wash away dirt particles and salt residues, and they can leave annoying curds and residues that will not rinse away. Savon de Mer contains special emollients which penetrate hair and skin to give long lasting protection against the parching effect of salt and sun. Towel-dried, skin feels fresh, hair is left tangle-free and full of bounce. It is biodegradable and pH7 – Neutral.

8.5 Fluid Ounces - Concentrated Formula

Pick up a bottle for your next cruise or picnic at the beach!  

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