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Flexofold Propeller Magnesium Anode | flexofold-propeller-magnesium-anode | FlexOfold | Performance
$ 24.50 USD

$ 45.00 USD

Flexofold Propeller Magnesium Anode


These are mil-spec magnesium anodes for Flexofold 3-Blade and 4-Blade propellers (up tp 23").  They also fit Flexofold 2-Blade "LA" type props (2016 and later).  

Beware of cheap internet anodes with suspect materials and quality, and avoid re-using bolts without underwater thread locker.

  • Includes stainless mounting screw with pre-applied underwater thread locker.  
  • 2-5/8" base diameter
  • Limit assembly torque to no more than 7.2 ft/lbs (requires 6mm Allen wrench)
  • High quality Mil-Spec Magnesium alloy
  • Freshwater use only


Magnesium is the best anode material choice for boats that are used in freshwater - where traditional zincs will not protect as well.  If your boat frequents both salt and fresh water, you may want to consider our Aluminum anode.   If your boat stays in salt water, then our zinc anode is the best choice.

Compatible with:

  • Flexofold 3-Blade and 4-Blade props, as well as on Flexofold "LA-type" 2-Blade propellers.